Green Art Rocks

Creations of art, creations of useful items, collections of curios, marvelous lapidary resources, wonderful mineral specimens, are all available for purchase.  Please spend some time exploring these one of a kind items.  Perhaps your own creative cycles will be energized.

The Green Goddess Boutique, at 1901 Haskell, in Lawrence Kansas has my art for sale.  The Village Witch also shares Building.
Most recent additions to site
    Targets- Every game needs a Target to throw something at.
    Tutu - Great Grandmother Debby made for Mila's first Birthday Party.
    Cake Plate - Debora Vann Luther Moore 1st year old Birthday Cake Plate.  Repeat performance in plating Birthday Cake for Grandchildren. 
    Lyle Brandon Collection -  Jim Fleetwood Silver Works
Debby Moore, site designer,  is the child of a Mother who loved beautiful specimens. 
She taught me to  love all kinds of rocks.
  I put rocks on my fingers, my toes, my ears. 
Some humans put them on their nose, in their belly button.
 Cool people wear rocks around their neck, their wrist, their ankles.
 I have them hanging from the curtains, my lamp shades, in the aquarium,
decorating the soil of my house plants,
 and as beautiful stepping stones in my herb garden. 

Most of all, I just love to reward my visual macro mitochondria, with the art of nature.
 I love creating beautiful objects, to give away as gifts of kindness.

Green Art Rocks is designed to honor artistic creations and collections of persons with very good eyes and skills.

Should you discover a piece you find beautiful, and would like to make a purchase, please either contact artist listed, or
debbymoore @earthlink  net.

This site is full of wonderful high resolution pictures of art.
Considering upload time, these are clickable photos.

Boulder Opal Specimens - eye candy
Wow - Awesome - Marvelous - Seductive - Sparkly - Fascinating - Mesmerizing

Ivory Sculptures - Very Old Pieces

My Grandfathers home:  Chief James Vann House, Spring Place Georgia.  Note hanging Green Amulet, gifted me by Lakota family.  Means: spiritually inspired, appointed as messenger, share knowledge with the masses.
Native American Artifacts:  Please join my journey.  Every time I touch a Native American Artifact, I marvel acknowledging it was made by a person, and chances are I am the next person to handle the tool.  By accepting this wisdom, I am giving energy to their spirit.