Green Art Rocks
A desire to live a light carbon footprint, encourages me to recycle all I can.
"Have nothing in your house
that you do not know to be useful
or believe to be beautiful"

Restoration Yard
Dalkeeth Park, Edinburg, Scotland


Debby Moore, site designer,  is the child of a Mother who loved beautiful specimens. 
She taught me to  love all kinds of rocks.
  I put rocks on my fingers, my toes, my ears. 
Some humans put them on their nose, in their belly button.
 Cool people wear rocks around their neck, their wrist, their ankles.
 I have them hanging from the curtains, my lamp shades, in the aquarium,
decorating the soil of my house plants,
 and as beautiful stepping stones in my herb garden. 

Most of all, I just love to reward my visual macro mitochondria, with the art of nature.
 I love creating beautiful objects, to give away as gifts of kindness.


Astrology Readings provide insight to understanding life's cycles.
    On December 26, 1995, I invested a lot of money for the time, purchasing my first Professional Computer Generated Astrology Software.  I have had a wonderful fun life time of sharing this Astrology information with family and friends.  It's surreal for doubters, and truly beneficial in the guidance provided by the stars and planets.  I have longed believed I was going to live to be 135 years of age.  About five years ago, I ran the Life Progression program for myself during that year.  Stated I was going to still be here.  In good health, and very unhappy about what was going on in relation to the planet. 
The birth details needed for forecasts are:  Where you were born?  The Date you were born?  The Time you were born?

There are several Astrological programs I can run for an inquirer:
Natal Birth Chart Wheel one page:                     $45.00 Basic computer programing fee plus $4.00 a page there after.

Astro Talk:
  The most popular natal report.  The Astro-Talk natal report produces one of the finest astrological horoscopes ever made.  This report provides a             no-nonsense description of the basic planetary configurations present in your life and how they affect you.
    Astro Talk gives you ten different chapters or perspectives on a natal chart.  1) Introduction - A brief introduction to astrology and key concepts used by today's astrologers when interpreting a chart.  2) The planets - Takes the readers through the planets and their aspects.  3) Life Landscapes - Saturn transits that provide a description of your major life period.  Includes exact dates of Saturn transits  4) Burn rate - Analyzes the geocentric and heliocentric positions of the planets, and then interprets these in high focus.  Find out if your burn rate is high, low, or in the middle and whether the majority of your planets are in the past, present, or future. 5) Elemental balance - Gives analysis to the elements , modalities, and angularities.  Measuring these give a general picture of the person.  6) Chart patterns - Both geocentric and heliocentric charts are analyzed for major chart patterns, and then interpreted.  Keys to both inner and outer aspects are delineated.  7) Challenges and abilities -  Second breakdown of planetary aspects describing areas of intense focus and activity.  8) Interface nodes - Provides a complete heliocentric planetary node analysis.  The position of each planet in relation to the orbital planes and the other planets is indicated by inclinations (likes) or disinclination's (dislikes).  The nodes represent our innermost qualities.  9) House activity and emphasis - Houses, signs, and planets in houses.  10) Major transits - Interprets the transits for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  11) Explanatory supplement - Introduction to the astrological terms and concepts.       >50 pages<

Life Progressions:  The physical, emotional, and spiritual changes we experience throughout the course of our lives can be predicted by carefully observing the pro
gressions of our natal chart through time.  Life Progressions reveals the opportunities and challenges you may encounter in the coming weeks, months, and years ahead.
    These reports provide detailed interpretations for the progressed house cusps and planet positions in the houses.  When planets change sign or go retrograde, these events are automatically found and interpreted for you.  The "cross aspects: between planets in your birth chart and those in the progressed chart are included. 
    These are exciting reports that can help you make the right choices at the right time.  Life Progressions offers guidance to keep you on the right path to realizing your full potential. 
    Life Progressions software used Secondary Progressions to display a slow, steady movement that represents your own personal evolution.  The aspects shown in a chart are long lasting, and understanding them is vital to understanding your own inner growth.      >10 pages<

Friends and Lovers Compatibility:  profiles are written just for the two of you, a guided tour of your relationship.  Two personal horoscopes are compared in detail and molded into an in-depth profile of what's happening between you astrologically.  Each report contains four parts:  1) How do you approach relationships?  Which traits will influence all of your relationships from childhood friends to business associates?  The clues are in your birth chart.  2) How are these questions answered in the other person's chart?  What do they bring to the relationship that helps or hinders?  3) How do you relate to this particular person?  How do your birth charts influence each other?  4) How does this person relate to you?  What role does each play here?  Many people are startled to find just how revealing their Friends & Lovers report can be.   
    Friends or Lovers?  This powerful synastry report isn't just for lovers, use it to get an inside look at any relationship in your life.  The program text adapts to fit romantic or non-romantic relationships.  LOVERS:  Art you trying to decide whether you're found 'the one'?  Friends and Lovers will tell you just how compatible you really are.  FAMILY:  Harmony, understanding and support are keys for successful family.  The understanding you gain from the report will help you to love and care for each other more.  FRIENDS: Surround yourself with friends who offer healthy, supportive, fun relationships, and avoid those that bring chaos and confusion.  BUSINESS:  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!  The platonic side of this software gives you a clearer understanding of the people in your professional life.
                            Will need date, place, time of birth for both persons being compared.  >25 pages<

Bio Writer:  This program graphs your physical, emotional and intellectual cycles.  You also get printed day-by-day interpretations that help you evaluate your biorhythm cycles.  The BioRhythm Report option enables a printed interpretation of one's supradian cycles based on the principals of Biorhythms.  The report graphically presents the physical (23 day) cycle, emotional (28 day) cycle, and intellectual (33 day) cycle for the time period specified, and includes an interpretation of the biological rhythms for that time period.  A customer can select one, three, six, or twelve month report.     >3 pages per month<

Prices are not listed due to most persons order more than one program, which reduces fees for them. 
To get started e-mail   Your name, the date, place @city state country, and time of your birth.  If you don't know time, I usually pick 1:00 PM for inquirer.

Auction Art Sculpture:   "Black Swan 2020" by Debby Moore
     For:  Bishop Seabury Academy, Lawrence Kansas
     To Make Bid Contact:
    Auction Administrator Tuition Scholarships 

Sculpture is 30" tall on stand.  Weighs 60 lbs.  Stand weighs 10 lbs.
photo to be posted soon

Black Swan symbol of what was impossible.     England 1890

Black Swan theory states that dramatic unexpected events matter more to history than regular happenings.  He advocates a "black swan robust" society than can benefit from difficult to predict events, and an approach to stock market investment that exploits risk, with "black swan" hedge funds thriving on sharp market downturns.

"Black Swan" important symbol in modern culture.  "Black Swan" by scholar Nassim Nicholas 2007.

The argument is often made that science funding should be directed away from pure research towards projects that benefit humans directly.  Taleb argues very differently - that because of unpredictability, humans will benefit most from undirected research.  Black Swans certainly benefit most from a free approach to science, since that is more likely to include research on conservation.                                                                        Australian Geological Society

Debby Moore 2018 Art: 
    "Flight"  Copper, Agate, Wood     front - back

    Cedar Wood slats, designed to exhibit gem slab collection.

    Specimen Wraps December

    Salvage of 1950 Wicker Sunroom Divan by Debby
          Constructed extra cushion covers & two sheets.  Fabric cost $150.  Love results!

 My lovely dog Charlie Babe - with his Christmas Bone.
Honey Bees share this old house with me.  In 2018 they swarmed in a very unusual way. 
The ohm was loud, attention alerting.  Bee Swarm 30 minutes, Bee Swarm 1 hour.


Free Web Space - Helping Hand Project
Especially beneficial if you are among the many talented unemployed, elderly, or lucky enough to be a collector, and now downsizing.

Buy, sell, or trade.  No commission expected. - questions -
Debby Moore -

Green Art Rocks, Helping Hand Project,  Participating Artists:


My family loves rocks. Every vacation as a child, was not complete until there was no more room in the cars floor board,
for our feet.  Many people fondly remember those family events. 
Many years ago, I joined my local rock club.  Wichita Gem and Mineral Society  -
 (A picture of my 2010 Annual Show Exhibit),
      I hope you can visit a Rock Show soon!
In 2021 I am the Administrator of our Clubs Education Day.
Students from all areas of Kansas come to learn more about Earths properties.

Find a club in your area.  The American Federation.


Sharing Rock Specimens with Tristan Wentling Class at Prairie Park Elementary in Lawrence Kansas.
Always a favorite is Halite, or salt specimens.  These are from Stratica  Salt Museum in Salina, Kansas.
Salt 250 million year old water, and air bubble inside.  It is told a scientists in Florida extracted life form from a specimen, a couple of years ago.


Tristan special Mothers Day gift for his Grandma Debby


Debby Moore,  is a Kansas Real Estate Agent, licensed 1994 -
In 2017, Broker Corporation became global under the brand.
Most Real Estate companies have access to the same listings in all states.
With years of experience, let our company show you happiness in a satisfying agreement.

  For great Real Estate representation,
   Ask for Debby - 316 - 558 - O883
Referral Executives:  ERA Great American Realty


Live well while sprouting your own food.

Grandson Tristan, aka Boy, and Grandma Debby, aka Toy, play together often.  These are our 2018 adventures at the Kansas Air Museum in Wichita.  We always spend several hours at the museum.  We are in the Tower.  The flight simulator, always demands an hour or more play.  The museum is filled with actual airplane sections, like the Cockpit.  The Museum is located in the original airport tower in Wichita.  Since he was two, Tristan has launched paper airplanes from the balcony.  Art on open paper airplane, Art on closed paper airplane.  Paper airplane in flight, gliding, still flying.


Rocks, Semi Precious Gems, Agates, Jasper, Carnelian        One of more
                      than 1,000 pictures of agates, fossils
browse a tremendous selection of gems, carnelian, jasper, crystals, fossil, agate, prehistoric tools, mineral crystals in their matrix, provided by happy, fellow rock-hounders. 

Les Balm  - Healthy, Beautiful Skin Food - available online                                                            Les Balm, Healthy skin
                              food. Plant Syngery, Cannabis Based,
                              Herbs, Precious Oils, Healing Mushrooms,
                              Bee Pollen and Wax. Oooo la la chic


Designer Clothing

Jewelry  -  Trinkets  -  Bags      
      Love Beads created from glass beads of 1920's.
                Usually worn several at a time, male or female. Strands
                vary by a couple of inches for interest.

Stewards of planet Earth, spreading the Hempy good word!                                                                     Respected Hemp
                  Activists, restoring dignity & honor to the
                  Cannabis Hemp plant. Debby wispers into Willie's ear
                  as Jeff takes shot. "Think it's time to load a
                  bowl and rock and roll". Willie responded:
                  "You got that one right!"         

Tips on Food and Health          Sprouting Seeds - Complete instructions on
                  growing fresh food, consumed ever 5 days.
          Hemp Nuts Nutritional Value

Rick Simpson formula for curing Cancer + 5 apple seeds a day.

Video- Run for the Cure, Curing Cancer with Hemp Oil - Free

Tips on Financial Equations & Natural products that save you money

Corporations Acting Green
                    Utilizing my seamstress skills, I was honored to help in remodeling project.
  I also appreciate for decades of patronage the band Big Fat Fun.  visit their website to view my creations for Jason.

To Communicate, or Make a Purchase use one of these methods:
Phone:  316-558-O883  e - mail:
Mailing address:  1921 Vermont, Lawrence, KS 66046

Have I offered a hand up to someone today?

Green Art Rocks Tip:  Hate Flies?  Take sandwich baggie, place inside: an inch of water, a penny in each corner, close, hang where you don't want flies to be.  (This really works, sometimes you need several.  I have eight hanging in a large farm garage.) 

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I'm addicted to a number of things:  Oxygen, Water, Food, My Children, & Exceptional Art.